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Small Steps That Lead To A Healthier You

Everything that is happening in the world right now has affected our daily routines and habits, and we adapt by creating new ones to fit this new normal like schools shifting to e-learning, working from home, cashless transactions, and online shopping.

While we take safety precautions to combat the virus and take care of our physical health, are you taking care of your mental and emotional health too? A lot of us not only worry about their health, but some are also anxious about their job, education, financial situation, and safety. Many factors can make us succumb to the fear, and they are not easy to fight. We’ve listed down simple changes you can do to have a healthier mindset amid a pandemic. 

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Take all this time you have at home to do physical activities you haven’t done before. You can dance, do yoga, follow exercise videos, and try some indoor sports to help you keep moving. Your health is your most important investment, so eat nutritious food and have a balanced diet to go with your exercise. A fit body can lead to a healthier mind, so a simple workout and a healthy meal can go a long way. 

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Sleeping at any time of the day or binge-watching your favorite shows at night can be fun, especially when you’re at home all day, but sleep patterns affect your mood and mental health too. This also decreases your sun exposure, which is a factor for low serotonin levels that may lead to depression. Allow yourself to have quality and uninterrupted sleep at night so that you wake up feeling refreshed and make it a habit to catch some sunlight during the day. 



As Marie Kondo always says, let go of things that don’t spark joy. Cleaning your room from all the unnecessary things will give you more space to move and breathe. Clutter in your physical surroundings will clutter your mind and spirit, so make sure that your home is a clean and sacred space. 

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Don’t worry about the things you can’t control. It may sound like it’s difficult to do, but it can be as simple as taking a break when you start to feel stressed or burned out. Set some boundaries for work or school from your day-to-day life, you don’t have to be productive all the time. Negativity is everywhere these days, and it’s okay to dedicate some time for yourself by turning off all the noise for some quiet time. 

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They say that the first step is always the hardest, but it’s the little changes that can make it easier for you to move forward. Quarantine may be hard, but getting sick is harder. These are simple ways you can do to have a healthy mind and body. I know that you probably do this even before the pandemic, but these are trying times. Your peace of mind is as important as your physical health. It’s a rewarding investment, so work on it and take care of it. 

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