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Risks and Returns: The Rewards of Investing Amid Economic Downturn

Camella House and Lot Freya House Model Palawan
Camella Freya Model House

Imagine finally having saved enough for that dream home you’ve always wanted, and just when you’re about to make a purchase, the pandemic occurs. Your first question may be whether or not you should continue your planned home buying. Making an investment in the middle of an economic crisis is not unheard of. On the contrary, there are several factors like the low-interest rate loans and steady prices of properties that make home-buying attractive. 

If you are still unsure about buying that home, here are a few points that might help you feel less daunted about investing amid the crisis.  

Real estate developers offer adjusted payment terms

Camella Savannah, Iloilo
Camella Savannah, Iloilo

The onset of the pandemic drove the property market into a slowdown due to physical restrictions, and it is just beginning to pick up now. To make up for the lost opportunities and drive demand back up faster, developers tend to offer more lenient payment methods and timelines. Camella, for instance, made its payment period flexible without additional interest to encourage its buying market to invest. 

Residential demand is expected to pick up

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Despite the slowdown, the residential property market is expected to gradually pick up in the latter half of the year. The projected metropolitan exodus due to families moving out of the city seeking safer, less populated spaces is also driving the demand for residential homes outside the metro higher. Families are now more likely to settle in areas with less dense population, have access to essential commodities, and more home and outdoor space. Notably enough, the residential property market has proven itself to be historically stable, and this is from the certainty and confidence of the investors to trustworthy brands that can withstand crises.  

Developers offer virtual tools to aid your home-buying process

Due to physical restrictions, businesses had to shift to digital platforms to survive. Residential developers stepped up to the challenge by rolling out digital innovations to give homebuyers the closest experience to being physically present in the developments. Buying a home is a primary investment, and developers take this into consideration by providing digital alternatives to every step in the home-buying process from house tours to reservations and payments.  

Here’s the take: no matter if you spend or keep your money, its value today will always be higher than its purchasing power tomorrow. This suggests that if you have the means now, and if your preferences are satisfied, there’s almost no reason to further delay buying that home. 

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