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Camella General Santos

Imagining A Life Beyond the Metro

Why do people choose to live in the city?

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Living in the city has its undeniable advantages. Cities are the center of commerce, education, and lifestyle, giving you everything you need in quite the literal sense. The result is a concentration of commodities and services that create a wide variety of opportunities and attract individuals and their families. 

But this fast-paced urban environment, no matter how convenient, may not be for everyone. Cities bring together a large group of people within a small area of space. While this creates ease of access to goods and services, this hyperconnectivity also has its disadvantages. Take, for example, the recent world events.

There has been a dramatic change in our social landscape that is most likely to stay. The fastest way to cope now is to choose the best spaces for safety, even if it meant living in a divide and going beyond the borders of the city.


Thriving beyond city borders

Camella Provence Aerial Community Shot
Camella Provence, Malolos City, Bulacan

Moving out of the city can be overwhelming. But this feeling is mostly brought by our imagined situations rather than the actual conditions outside the metro. We often need a reminder of how living beyond the metro is not mutually exclusive with living near essential conveniences and services.

Over the past few years, there has been a growing emphasis on decongesting Metro Manila. This also meant redirecting investments to growth centers outside the capital. In support of this campaign, there is also an aggressive infrastructure-building movement from the government that aims to make emerging cities in provinces more accessible and business-friendly.

Camella Savannah Vista Mall
Vista Mall, Iloilo in Savannah

When looking for a place to invest outside Metro Manila, the first necessary step is to think of its current and future opportunities. Imagine what you need in your community and select a property with everything you’re looking for. Moving to a township in the province located near malls, transport terminals, and schools is the most sensible option for families who want to keep the city experience.


Benefits of living beyond the metro

Camella General Santos
Camella General Santos

Aside from the more expansive spaces that house-and-lot properties outside the capital offer, these areas are also attractive for starting up ventures that may otherwise be considered saturated in the city. While you enjoy the fruits of businesses in highly-urbanized areas, starting a new life in a much quieter town allows you to create the opportunities.

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