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How To Start Your #Plantita Journey 2020

You may have seen it on your friend’s Instagram stories or your officemate’s Facebook post. Everyone is just jumping on the #Plantita craze!  

Merging the words “plant” and “tita” or “tito” (aunt or uncle, respectively) gave birth to #plantita or #plantito. These coined Filipino terms are used by individuals that own and take care of house plants, small or big. We’ve seen the #Plantita trend started to grow around 2018 but it was only in 2019 where even celebrities and public personalities started sharing their own #plantita or #plantito journey on different social media sites. As of writing, almost 60,000 Instagram posts are contributed to this trend and counting. That’s only for one platform! 

Whether you’re joining in to know what all the craze is about or not, it’s impossible to deny that having plants inside your homes bears a multitude of benefits. We’re living in an era of overweening online connectivity and our generation is realizing the need for offline activities that’s why younger generations are drawn to caring for plants. It improves the overall ambiance of the room for you physically and mentally.

Plants expel stress by first, producing a good amount of oxygen and removes carbon dioxide. With enough oxygen in your house, you make sure that the air is cleaner and has lesser toxins. Secondly, the presence and visual beauty of plants boost your mood and concentration. The color green that many plants possess induce feelings of calmness and positive vibes making it a perfect essential for your home and office living. 

All of us are unconsciously needing an escape from our screens and the city noise and plants seem to be our cute and affordable antidote for it! So, how do you start your #Plantita Journey this 2020 the right way? Follow through these steps below! 

1. Weigh Up The Time You Are Willing To Spend For Your Future Plants

There is a vast selection you can choose from the plant biodiversity. Meaning, this also entails different combinations of time and effort that must be spent to make sure your future baby plants are in good condition and will be growing well. Are you dedicated to checking on your plants throughout the day? Or, probably you can only commit to once a day? Do you have other errands that would require you to be out of your house for several days? Maybe, you can only attend to your plants twice or thrice a month. Whatever the situation is, you can be assured that there is a perfect plant for you that fits your lifestyle and other priorities. 

2. Evaluate Your House or Office Room

After firming up your commitment to being a #Plantita, it’s time to evaluate where you will be placing your plants to help you determine the appropriate one for you. It’s best to assess the space, temperature, humidity, and access to the sunlight of your chosen place. Remember that plants grow at different paces due to the given environment. Some plants don’t require sunlight at all while some strive better in cold temperatures. You also need to take note of the expected full-grown size of your baby plants. Many plants, like a monstera or a sansevieria, are low-maintenance but need larger spaces for good airflow.  

3. Research for Plant Retailers

You can grow your own plant or you can already get yourself a baby plant with it’s adorable, little sprouts. Either way, a big part of your journey with these green life forms is your supplier or plant retailers. You want to make sure that you look for a shop that’s near your place. This will save you time and money for walk-in visits or even deliveries. Try to also look for shops that have everything you need from seeds, pots, fertilizers up to the tools needed for maintenance. A tip when trying to pick the best is if they answer all your questions. Purchasing from them shouldn’t only be a one-time thing but assistance afterward must also be considered. The #Plantita journey surely isn’t a straight line so you want to have that much-needed support. 

4. Join Support Groups Or Create One With Your #Plantita Friends 

Any hobby or interest becomes a lot more enjoyable when you share it with other people. Even if you’re not yet on the #Plantita craze, you can try joining support groups or online communities that center on growing plants. This will help you gain more insights in the world of house plants. Learn from other’s experiences by reading their stories or even asking out your own questions! These platforms are a great way to nurture and encourage more people to become a #plantita or #plantito of their own because there is no downside to any of these! Get inspiration from other #plantita’s plant or flower arrangements or motivate others who may be experiencing difficulties. A community that fosters a green thumb lifestyle is a community we want for all of us to have today and in the future.

At the end of the day, having plants inside your own homes is more than just a trend. When we allow plants inside our houses, we create our own green sanctuaries– a place where we can be ourselves and at peace. And beyond the aesthetics and arrangements, being a #plantita gives us a bigger sense of purpose and accomplishment. The mere fact of being able to keep a plant alive is an achievement in itself that you can be proud of. Take this as your sign to be a certified #Plantita this 2020!

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