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Essential Items to Keep Your Home Virus-Free

After being quarantined for quite some time now, we’ve all come to appreciate our homes even more. From being a place of comfort and relaxation, it has transformed to be a place for work or school for the kids. We’ve adjusted to this new normal, and we’ll face the last four months of the year with more knowledge about this pandemic than we did at the beginning. 

With that said, we’ve come to realize the important things that you need to have at home. Aside from the daily necessities like food and utilities, some items have become essential to keep your home protected from the virus. 

Here are some of the items that you need to have at home to keep the virus at bay: 


Stock up on hand soaps to use when at home. If you need to leave the house for errands, bring some handy alcohol or sanitizer with you to easily wash your hands when soap and water are not accessible.  

While hand-washing is still the best way to protect yourself, studies show that the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for a few hours up to several days depending on the kind of surface. To ensure your safety, keep surface disinfectants readily available as well. You can purchase ready-to-use disinfectant sprays, or make your own with water and concentrated bleach. Just make sure to read the instructions on how to make or use them and carefully handle these chemicals as it may do you more harm than good. 

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As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. While no known medicine can cure the virus or vaccine to protect us yet, it is important to maintain a strong immune system to fight even the simplest illnesses like a common cold or cough. Boosting your immunity with the help of vitamins and supplements along with a healthy diet and daily exercise can go a long way. It may not completely protect you, but it will help your body have the strength to fight it. 

You can start by having a supply of Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D, and other multivitamins at home. Also, when a member of your household has a recurring illness that needs maintenance medicine, make sure to have enough supply at home for 30 days to minimize the need to go out and repurchase. 

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These things used to be unnecessary, but now, it has become an important part of the safety procedures in public establishments. Devices such as air purifiers and UV light sterilizers are investments that can definitely make your home extra clean. An air purifier improves the air quality of the entire home, while UV light sanitizers can clean any area with unseen and unwanted particles that may carry the virus into your home. As long as it’s used correctly, there’s no harm in having these devices at home. 


Everything we used to do face to face is now transitioning online. Schools have virtual classes, and companies are adopting the work-from-home setup. Having a strong and stable internet connection together with necessary gadgets, tools, or programs available can help you be productive while safely at home. 


Although we are still in quarantine, we must have time for ourselves to be entertained and relax. Through books, music, movies, TV shows, and more, make your breaks fun by having quality entertainment available at home. Set some boundaries to ensure work-life balance at home. 

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