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Camella Launches #MoreSpace Campaign, Highlights Space Value

Camella, the country’s largest homebuilder with the widest geographical reach, and housing over 500,000 families nationwide, continues to prove itself as the country’s favorite with its recently-released digital campaign entitled #MoreSpace. The campaign highlights the need—and presents the advantages of—having enough space inside and outside your homes, especially during times when space makes a difference.

How the Pandemic Showed Us the Advantages of Living in House and Lot Developments

The unexpected global crisis brought about by the pandemic stopped the world in a literal sense. Mass transportation was halted, everybody was forced to stay home, some jobs are temporarily stopped, and the economy is on the brink of another recession. With all these pressures that currently surround us, there have been some realizations of the advantages of owning a house-and-lot for many reasons.

How spacious homes contribute to a healthy living

What do you usually look for in buying a home? Do you look for ease of access or do you look for  one that could give you a better quality of living? Your home environment plays a big part in determining the quality of your life, especially your health. Most of us dream about living in a big house, and there are actually a few advantages in choosing a wider and brighter, more spacious home.

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