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Why You Should Invest in a Smart Home

Wondering if you should invest in a smart home? Smart homes have become a beneficial tech trend to fulfill homeowners’ daily needs and peace of mind. This emerging technology makes life so much better and more convenient. Investing in a smart home not only gives you rewarding returns but also upgrades your lifestyle. 

Imagine waking up with your toast and coffee already prepared, blinds already rolled up, floor cleaned and vacuumed, and bathwater already set at the temperature you prefer. As you leave, all your electronics turn off, doors lock, and appliances set on energy-efficient settings.

While you’re at work, you can always check your phone to monitor and manage your home and family. After a tiring day, arrive at your home with the front door automatically unlocking, warm bath already prepared, food is heated, and calming music already turned on. Imagine living in a house like that. It is truly a luxury and a satisfactory investment to have a smart home. 

But those are just the icing on the cake, here are more reasons why investing in a smart home is advantageous.



Smart devices can be used as your assistants. You don’t have to stand up to do chores, you can easily control all your smart devices from your phone when you’re in bed, as a smart home follows voice commands or gesture recognition. These most sophisticated types of smart devices also come with self-learning skills to learn your schedules. These include tasks like brewing your coffee or heating your water at the best time for you, so you don’t need to wake up very early just to prepare these things.



Control and manage all your appliances remotely using only one device—usually phone or tablet. You can use smart devices to cook for your family, turn the lights on or off, vacuum your floors, and more. Smart refrigerators can also make a shopping list for you based on what food or ingredients you have on your fridge. You can even run your laundry while you’re at work. Even if you’re not at home, house plants and lawns can be watered in a timely schedule with smart devices, making sure that your plants are well taken care of. This goes for pets, too! Connected feeders can be programmed to release a preset amount of pet food or water for your fur babies.



You can monitor energy use by powering downlights and appliances when not in use. If your family is out of town, you can put your machines into energy-saving settings, which makes appliances and electronics use more efficiently. With a smart home, resources such as energy and water are used more efficiently, which helps both the homeowner and the environment. 



In a smart home, maximizing security and surveillance features will definitely give your family peace of mind. With sensor detection, you will be alerted if any motion is detected in your home when you are away. Some devices can even call the police or the fire department in case of imminent situations. Smart doorbells also allow you to see and talk to people who have come to your door, even if you’re not at home. Smart locks can also deny or grant access to visitors. And to top it all off, all these functions can be controlled from a single device. 



Having a smart home does not only provide comfort, convenience, and security—it also provides entertainment for your family and your visitors. You can turn on the speakers and play your favorite music upon your arrival and instantly create mood lighting for any occasion. Bonding with family and friends need not be interrupted as your Smart Home provides your needs in a few taps on your smartphone. 

Smart Homes provide maximum comfort, convenience, security, and entertainment while saving electricity. Not only that. You can now say good-bye to filling your mind with doubts and questions like, “Did I turn off the coffee maker? Did I unlock the door? Are the kids doing their homework? Is grandma safe? Are my pets doing fine?” You can easily monitor and manage your smart home with a quick glance at your smartphone, even if you’re away. 

Investing in a Smart Home is very beneficial, especially to families with elderly, children, and pets. Upgraded homes such as Camella homes Greta and Freya are the perfect house to be converted into a smart home. Investing in these houses is now easy and convenient, as Camella Eases Up House-And-Lot Buying For Investors

As technology and homes continue to innovate, there will be more ideas and devices to make homeowners’ lives comfortable, convenient, and easy to give more time for family. 

For more details on upgraded homes, you may call Camella at (02) 3226 3552 or 0945 527 9867 and 0926 915 9138. You may also visit and check out Camella’s latest offerings at ◼ 


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