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Camella Palawan Clubhouse

Rediscovering the Value of Home

Rediscovering the Value of Home

Camella Davao Greta
Greta in Camella Davao.

The majority of 2020 has been a test of fitting our previously expansive universe with the safety of our homes. From your work to your children’s lessons that they now have to do from home, every activity needs its own separate space. And it is challenging to isolate workspaces from your personal sphere when you are limited by your home’s physical restrictions. Needless to say, the events from the previous months have changed our criteria for the ideal home.

Does your home have enough space?

Camella Davao Interior Greta
Inside Camella’s Greta.

Like any living being, we also need spaces to thrive. This is more than just having separate rooms for work, play, and relaxation, so they do not overlap. Studies have shown that space helps us keep in touch with our true selves and build stronger relationships with our loved ones.

The events of the year have shown how home spaces are not a luxury but a necessity. This does not mean that you should invest in a mansion, but an emphasis on having adequate rooms that serve a purpose. These spaces must not only answer your current needs but also be flexible enough for your future demands

Is your community ready and resilient?

AllHome At Camella Alta Silang
AllHome at Camella Alta Silang.

When considering a home, you must also factor in the neighborhood where it belongs. In a closely-tied community, the chain of resilience is only as strong as its weakest link. Thus, your area must also check out with the criteria that you’ve set for your home. 

Pool At Camella Butuan
Poolside at Camella Butuan.

Does it have enough space for your morning walks or jogs? Is it equipped with the right amenities for your lifestyle needs? Does it offer the same security that you put in your household? These are just some of the questions that you have to ask when choosing the next place to move into your next home.

Is your home future-ready?

Camella SmartHomes Kitchen Area
Camella’s SmartHome-enabled kitchen.
Camella SmartHomes Living Area
Camella’s SmartHome-enabled living room.

While the world remains physically divided for our safety, we cope by socializing through online platforms. This uncovers factors like connectivity, which homeowners may not have previously considered. In this time and age, we have to look for more than the face value of our homes. The perks of our houses should not stop at the purchase, but we must also feel the benefits of living in it.

Camella Palawan Clubhouse
Clubhouse at Camella Palawan.

Such a standard must also extend to your community. It must provide you and your family with enough current and future convenience and opportunities. It is rewarding to choose a township that gives you easy access to your daily needs. Nothing beats an elevated lifestyle that keeps you close to malls, schools, commercial districts, hospitals, transport hubs, and places of worship while keeping you safe.


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