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Life-Changing Gadgets That Makes A Smart Home

Life-Changing Gadgets That Makes A Smart Home 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a smart home? The idea of waking up to a home that can turn off the aircon with a simple voice command, to switch on your coffee-maker as you get out of bed, or a device that can clean your room as you leave for work. These situations used to be just a product of our imagination but with the innovations and developments of the tech industry, they made it possible. 


Home automation, which is the ability to control items around the house with a push of a button or a simple voice command, is rapidly growing and trending for a lot of homeowners. Computers and smartphones are not the only devices you can connect to the internet, but also home appliances, cameras, and even door locks as well. This makes simple tasks and chores easy and manageable, keeping up with our fast-paced lifestyle.  


There are many smart home categories you can choose from so that you can easily automate a part of the tasks that seem tedious or time-consuming for you. So, here’s a rundown on smart home devices that can make your life easier, depending on your lifestyle: 

For the tech-savvy, a Voice-Controlled Smart Speaker.

Smart Speakers


Have a smart speaker that can do whatever you tell it to do. From setting an alarm, asking a question, play some music, make a call, and so much more. You can integrate your smart appliances as well so that they can be voice-controlled and activated as well. 

For the foodie, a Smart Oven.

Camella House and Lot for Sale Smart Oven

A smart oven can be controlled manually or through a mobile app. It has multiple functions, from baking, roasting, toasting, air frying, and more. One of its many advantages is to avoid overcooking food that might lead to a house fire. With smart ovens, you can do so many dishes from savory to sweet, and save lots of space in your kitchen. 

For the neat freak, a Robot Vacuum.

Camella House and Lot for Sale Robot Vacuum

A robotic vacuum is meant to supplement the standard human pushed vacuum and help your daily or weekly clean up without the hassle of moving furniture. This device can learn the layout of a room, vacuum the area, and go back to its charging port by itself, everything can be monitored through your mobile phone. Now, you can leave the house and come back with a clean home. 


For those who value privacy & safety, Digital Door Lock.

Camella House and Lot for Sale Digital Door Lock

As a Kdrama fan, I’ve seen these at work and dreamed of having one myself. These smart door locks that can be opened with a key card, fingerprint, or a passcode. You don’t have to worry about missing keys anymore, since these door locks can be accessed through a mobile app as well. 

Those are just some of the gadgets you can get to turn your house into a smart home. It makes your life easy and convenient, making simple tasks hassle-free. Want a house that’s already a smart home? Introducing the Camella SmartHomes, equipped with the latest innovations in home automation. Learn more about this package, visit, or follow @CamellaOfficial on Facebook and Instagram.  

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