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7 Ways to Transform Your Balcony into a Functional Space

Does your home have a balcony? Having this space lets you maximize the living space of your home and build your own nook, no matter how creative, luxurious, or minimalist. It’s a spot where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the township, the warm breeze during summer, and the drizzle during the rainy days without stepping outside the comfort of your home. As an extension of your home, you can turn it into a functional outdoor space to contribute to a healthy lifestyle and to upgrade your quality home

Here are a few ways to revamp your balcony into a useful space:


Eating on your balcony with a great view is one of the most blissful things your family and friends can do, especially during favorable weather. Imagine having dinner, barbeque party, or even a date night under warm lights. Set up a table and chairs. Add a table runner, centerpieces, or candles to create an aesthetically pleasing dining area. You can also put an outdoor grill for a cooking party. 



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If you have a green thumb, you can grow plants, vegetables, herbs, or flowers, and turn your balcony into a green space. Growing plants is recommended as a way to lessen stress, and it also helps in purifying the air quality in your home. You can make a zen-inspired balcony garden with bonsai trees, a vertical garden with hanging flowers, or a greenhouse to save you from expenses in your grocery shopping. 

3. BAR


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Have a drink and have fun without going outside your home with your balcony converted into a bar. Install a bar top, put some chairs, display your beverages, and enjoy a late-night hangout in your balcony bar. 



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Watch movies in the open-air under warm lights and bright stars. A film showing is one of the best ways to bond with your family and loved ones. Set up your projector, speakers, rugs, pillows, and blankets. Serve snacks and drinks. Choose the perfect movie to watch with your family. Stay cozy and comfortable while watching a film. 

5. GYM


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Stay fit and healthy at home with a balcony workout. Set up your exercise equipment or lay down a yoga mat. Turn on the perfect music or follow YouTube workout videos to keep you energized and motivated. Now, you wouldn’t have to go out and worry about the traffic to go to a fitness gym. Keep in shape at home! 



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With a small coffee table, comfy chair, shelves, and books, you can remodel your balcony into a relaxing reading nook. Hang a hammock, put pillows, set up string lights, or add some plants to make it cozier and comfortable. Finally, brew a cup of tea or coffee and settle in! 



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Tired of working indoors? Create an outdoor home office in your balcony to feel more productive, especially with a change of environment. Set up a spacious desk, a comfortable chair, and a lamp. You can also put plants and pieces of art on the wall to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed.  

It is rewarding to buy a house and lot with a balcony because having a balcony means more space; more space means more possibilities. You can invest in house units like Greta, Freya, and Cara that come with spacious balconies.  

There are plenty of ways to upgrade your balcony into a relaxing, enjoyable, and functional space. It could be a dining area, garden, bar, theater, gym, reading nook, or home office. How would you transform your balcony? Get more out of your extra space, incorporate your personality, and make it a useful space for your family. 

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