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5 Things to Prepare For Your New Classroom At Home

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With the current challenges the world is facing at the moment, governments around the globe have tightened limitations and imposed stricter measures to contain the spread of the virus. At the onset of this crisis, we have already seen big industries, such as tourism and entertainment, struggle to survive. This time, a great wave of challenges are rising as we face the need for our kids to take on their education. 

Teachers, parents, and guardians like us are under pressure and overwhelmed with the new idea of bringing our kid’s education to our homes. We question our capabilities, our resources, and overall, ourselves as the new immediate educator to our children. Some parents opt to send their kids physically to schools, while some are left with no choice but to establish one on their own. Both situations are not to be ashamed of as these impose a great deal of effort, money, time, and risks. At a time of uncertainty, know that you are not alone in this unfamiliar change of homeschooling or virtual learning. We can tackle this together and find ways on how we can make this work for us. 

With our homes now a place for almost all interests, greater emphasis and attention are needed to make virtual learning for your kids efficient and fruitful. Here are 5 things you should prepare for your kid’s new classroom at home: 


1. Good Lighting and Ventilation 

An adequate amount of light and proper ventilation systems at home, especially in your kid’s study area, influences his or her productivity. These two factors contribute to how their bodies prepare and adjust to tasks. Lighting that casts glares or shadows may induce eye fatigue and headache. As parents or guardians, you might want to put more concern on these aspects, since they will be spending most of their time in front of the computer screen. Meanwhile, good ventilation help in keeping the heat level low, giving your kid an overall comfort. 

2. Regular School Supplies

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We want to make the situation as ordinary as possible for our kids. That’s why providing the usual school supplies to them will promote an ambiance of normalcy. Feelings of irregularity or uneasiness due to the lack of physical interactions with their classmates and teachers at school can be reduced with the presence of a simple pencil, ruler, crayon, or glue. Likewise, these school supplies will give a sense of assurance that your kids can complete any kind of task assigned to them. 

3. Fundamental Computer Components 


For obvious reasons, a desktop or a laptop set is a must when it comes to taking lessons online. These are your kid’s gateway to learning amid a pandemic. However, there are few computer peripherals and fixtures that you might have missed. Make sure that you have a high-resolution webcam or camera attached to your computer or laptop. Don’t forget to include earphones with microphone for interactivity. 

These are most important if your kid’s classes are done through a video chat. To prevent strains or fatigue on their hands and arms, provide a mouse and a mouse pad with wrist support. You may also find cable organizers useful in keeping your desk tidy in this online journey. So are neck and back pillows, and a scanner for submitting assignments and other documents. All of these will help you and your kid stay connected and uninterrupted. 

4. Household Essentials 


Other concerns should be taken care of even months before the start of online schools. It’s good to equip your house with a reliable internet connection and power outage backups. This will ensure that through day and night, a learning opportunity is readily available. For added protection, it’s best to stock up on laptop battery backups and electricity surge protectors for all of your devices. We surely don’t want to cause any unexpected fire alarms due to the high consumption of electricity. 

5. Yourself

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This next bit may come as a surprise, but you also have to check on yourself as a parent. Even if you are not the one who is going to undergo virtual learning, your youngsters at home will heavily depend on you and seek your support. It’s good to remember to keep yourself calm and balanced. 

Homeschooling doesn’t work the same for everyone, so as we start this track, try to look for an approach that works best for the household. Keep things positive and avoid pressuring your kids to ace every exam or activity. Enough pressure is already in the atmosphere, so it’s time let loose during this duration.

Your new classroom at home may come off as a disaster in the first week. There’s totally nothing wrong with that! Just make sure to have these 5 things prepared for the new online learning journey, and along the way, you and your kids will get comfortable and in sync. 

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